2013 Round-Table


On November 14, 2013, ILO hosted the third annual Interagency Roundtable on CSR. Moderated by Mr. Are-Jostein Norheim, the Norwegian CSR Ambassador, the ad hoc meeting was attended by eleven international organizations, five representatives from national governments, two representatives from development agencies, one civil society participant, four governmental financial institutions representatives, one commercial investor, one financial research institution and representatives from industry and labour. The participants analysed current approaches and practices of CSR with regard to investment.



Special emphasis was put on the role that intergovernmental agencies and governments could play to support companies and their business partners in designing and implementing CSR practices. The meeting took the form of an open discussion where all the participants had the opportunity to share their experiences, analysis and proposals on the topics discussed. The meeting started with participants briefly introducing themselves and their current work. The ad hoc meeting was divided into two sessions: the first addressing responsible investment in capital markets, and the second addressing issues of CSR in the area of foreign direct investment.


2013-11-14  CSR Roundtable