2011 Round-Table


On November 16, 2011, UNCTAD, in cooperation with the ILO and OECD, held an innaugural CSR Round-table meeting to share perspectives, experiences and ideas in the area of CSR in global value chains.


Thirty-eight representatives from Intergovernmental Organizations, Governments, Donor Agencies, the Private Sector and Civil Society Organizations from thirteen developed and developing countries discussed and analyzed the current approaches and practices of CSR in global value chains. Special emphasis was put on the role governments and international organizations should play in order to support companies and their business partners in their effort to design and implement CSR strategies. The ad hoc meeting was divided into three sessions. Each session provided the participants with the opportunity to share experience, analysis and proposals on the topics discussed.


The sessions started with short presentations from selected participants to present the current work and initiatives of their organizations. Otherwise the event took the form of a moderated discussion between all participants.